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Ruskin Junior School

Year 6 Transition Information

Hello Year 6!  Welcome to your transition page where we home to make it easy for you to find information and answer questions about the Secondary School you are moving on to in September this year.

The wonderful School Nurses Team have created these 2 presentations to help you with your transition process this year.

Letter to schools

2020 Transition Video

We understand that this year is so very different to the normal transition, with visits being unlikely - unless done virtually! All the secondary schools involved will be keeping in touch with you though and hopefully this will be a one stop shop with contact details and help for your move.

Not all of you are going to the same school - at the moment there are 8 Secondary Schools involved in our transition process - they are:

Kingsdown School - Tel: 01793 822284. Email: office@kingsdownschool.co.uk.  Website: www.kingsdownschool.co.uk

The Commonweal School - Tel: 01793 612727. Email: admin@commonweal.co.uk.  Website: www.commonweal.co.uk

Nova Hreod Academy - Tel: 01793 528800. Email: admin@novahreodacademy.org.uk.  Website: www.novahreodacademy.org.uk

Highworth Warneford - Tel: 01793 762426. Email: hws@admin.warneford.swindon.sch.uk.  Website: www.warnefordschool.org

Lawn Manor Academy - Tel: 01793 487286. Email: head@lawnmanor.org.  Website: www.lawnmanor.org

Great Western Academy - Tel: 01793 209700. Email: office@gwacademy.co.uk.  Website: www.gwacademy.co.uk

Abbey Park School - Tel: 01793 705400. Email: admin@isambard.swindon.sch.uk.  Website: www.abbeyparkschool.org.uk

Swindon Academy - Tel: 01793 426900. Email: admin@swindon-academy.org.  Website: www.swindon-academy.org

Now - it is likely that each of these schools have been in touch with you directly with information. They may also have special pages on their own websites for you so we will include links and contact details here.

Kingsdown School

Recently you should have received your Transition Pack from Kingsdown - a copy of the Welcome Booklet is here for your information.

There has also been a letter issued - details can be found here.

They have also created a Welcome Video which is on YouTube - here is a link to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE0XlPssimE&disable_polymer=true

A Welcome Presentation has been created and can be accessed here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_T9CuMMLhk 

The final communication is a document for you to work on with your parents - What makes me beat

Swindon Academy

We have had confirmation that their Transition Page is now live on the website - you can reach it at the following link:


Highworth Warneford

Please find following a Transition Presentation from Highworth Warneford. Click here.

Abbey Park

You will have received lots of information directly from Abbey Park if your child will be beginning there is September.  Please find attached some of those details:

Letter from the Headteacher

Projects for the Year 6 cohort to work on - here

There is also lots of other information and further projects on their transition page:


Great Western Academy 

Have a virtual tour available on their website:


Nova Hreod Academy 

Nova Hreod have also taken the step to create a Transition page on their website for you. It includes lots of information about your new school and a video message from the Headteacher.


There have been some updated made to the website please do take a look:

Year 6 page of the Nova website

In addition they are adding a series of resources to the website especially for Year 6: Be Nova, Be Awesome

Lawn Manor Academy 

Lawn Manor have created their own transition page on their website which holds all the information you may need:


A hard copy transition pack has also been sent to those who will be moving here in September and virtual tours of the school have been offered. 

The Commonweal School

There has been a page dedicated to the Year 6 Transition on the Commonweal website - this is the link:  http://www.commonweal.co.uk/information-category/transition/

Take the time to have a look and watch the video's that are loaded on this page.

Please find a copy of the Transition Booklet here for your information.