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Ruskin Junior School

E-Safety Fortnight Focus

During January and February 2019, the children at Ruskin enjoyed two weeks focusing on E-Safety.  A range of activities took place over the different year groups and the children produced some great pieces of work.

The children used a range of resources including making E-Safety videos using the iPads. As well as the individual teaching sessions, the children will be taught by Huw Ford (Children & Young People ICT Manager).  On the final afternoon, parents will be invited in to have a look through our work and attend a workshop led by Huw Ford.

More updates will come as the fortnight comes to an end.

Miss Wakefield will also be issuing various leaflets - these will be emailed home, with hard copies for those without email addresses.  Links to them will also be updated on this page.  The first of these is a guide to having a conversation with your child about online safety.


The next leaflet has now been issued - emailed to all parents and hard copies issued to those with no email.  The additional link to it follows:


Due to the recent media coverage we are updating this page with details of the "Momo" online game and how to talk to your child/ren about it.  The link is as follows:

An updated guide on Internet Controls for parents can be found on the link below:
Some new information regarding screen addiction has also been issued in June 2019 - details are below:
Some more information on social media and mental health has also been issued this month: