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Ruskin Junior School

What's the 'Big Idea?'

It started with a spark...

The 'Big Idea', in a nutshell, is something that teachers and children are interested in and would like to find out more. The learning journey begins with the decision to study a particular topic; it might be dinosaurs, volcanoes, or even chocolate! What's important, is that the topic inspires the imagination and generates the sparks of curiosity. Once the Big Idea has been agreed upon, teachers plan together around this single central subject linking it to all other areas of the curriculum. This ensures that the curriculum is wholly cross-curricular and reduces the prospect of learning about abstract concepts. Whatever the children are learning, it is related to something that they are already familiar with and are hence much more able to learn. This approach also paves the way to study some truly inspirational and thought-provoking topics to galvanise learning in both teachers and children alike.

Below are the concept maps from which teachers create more detailed and focused planning. They are designed to highlight what the children will be learning over the course of the term and give you a flavour of what learning is like here at Ruskin Junior School:

Big Idea Concept Maps 2018-2019

Term 6

Year 3: Treasures of the Tomb

Year 4: The Beautiful Game

Year 5: Treasures of the Forest

Year 6: The end is Near!

Term 5

Year 3: Walk like an Egyptian

Year 4: The Greatest Show

Year 5: Treasures of the rainforest

Year 6: SATs


Term 4

Year 3:  Small hands can change the World

Year 4:  The World & I

Year 5:  Games

Year 6:  World War II


Term 3

Year 3: It's not Easy Being Green

Year 4: Be Safe Whatever The Weather

Year 5: Victorians - The Industrial Revolution

Year 6: World War II


Term 2

Year 3: From farm to fork

Year 4: Lest we Forget

Year 5: Victorian Christmas

Year 6: We, the Curious!


Term 1

Year 3: From farm to fork

Year 4: The Great War

Year 5: Earth and beyond

Year 6: What's Done Cannot be Undone


2018-2019 Overview

Year 3: Big Idea Overview

Year 4: Big Idea Overview

Year 5: Big Idea Overview

Year 6: Big Idea Overview