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Ruskin Junior School


Attached here is a copy of the letter which has just been issued on 11th July detailing those clubs which will take place between September and December 2019.

Our clubs run for a full term - so from Sept to Dec, Jan to Apr and then Apr to July each year.  There is generally at least 1 club after school each day - and usually more!  The majority of clubs are on a first come first served basis and as of September 2018 there is a charge of £1 per week for these clubs.

All clubs run from 3.15pm - 4.15pm each day.

The only clubs the above does not apply to are those where specific children are invited to attend.  There is no charge for these and they may not run for the same weeks as the general clubs.

Letters with information on which clubs will be offered are issued before the end of the term, (so July for Sept, then Dec for Jan and Apr for April).  Your child can then choose up to 2 clubs to attend - you would need to complete the form, sign it to confirm you are happy to pay and for your child to attend and then that form would be returned to the school office.  During term 1 - September to December each year we do not offer the clubs to our new Year 3 cohort.  However, they will be given the letters in December for clubs starting in January.

Clubs for September to December 2019

For your information - the clubs will run on the following dates during terms 1 and 2.

W/C - 9th Sept/16th Sept/23rd Sept/30th Sept/7th Oct/14th Oct/21st Oct/4th Nov/11th Nov/18th Nov/25th Nov/2nd Dec and 9th Dec.  The clubs which are running are as follows:

Monday Dance - By Invitation/Audition Basketball Homework Club
Tuesday Choir Homework Club Netball Gymnastics
Wednesday Tag Rugby
Thursday Gymnastics


Yr 4-6 Football