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Autism and Social Communication and Interaction Difficulties Special Resource Provision (ASC/SCID SRP)

A special part of Ruskin Junior School is its Special Resource Provision, a specific provision within  the school resourced to meet the needs of up to 9 children with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Condition or related social, communication or interaction difficulties.  Without such provision, these children would be unable to access a mainstream curriculum.

Pupils have full access to the main curriculum which may be modified to meet individual need and they should be able to access a proportion of mainstream with support, on entry.  The aim is that children will spend up to approximately 70% of their time in mainstream supported where necessary and the rest of their time following individual and group interventions based on their needs. These interventions may link to EHCP targets, developing social communication and interaction skills and/or increasing engagement in learning. Individual programmes will be put in place which include specific targets and details of any additional therapies/input from other agencies. The SRP is fully inclusive integrating in mainstream (where appropriate for the children’s needs).

A strong emphasis is placed on good home/school liaison and the positive impact of the inclusion of children with special educational needs on the whole school community.

The following criteria will be used to determine if a pupil is to be referred to the school’s SRP:

  • Pupils will be in KS2 and will have a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Condition or be referred for assessment. They will have a EHCP of SEN describing this need, but may be undergoing statutory assessment
  • Pupils may also have associated special educational needs but these will be less complex and severe than for those pupils identified by the LA as having severe learning difficulties
  • The pupils will need access to a mainstream curriculum with specialist support
  • The pupils’ behaviour will be manageable in a mainstream setting with appropriate support

Following consultation with the Local Authority a placement can be agreed.

Our contribution to the local offer can be found on:  My Care My Support -

Our local authority’s local offer is published here: