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We have recently created a new policy regarding Uniform which can be found here.

Our school uniform can be purchased online from the School Uniform Shop (jumpers and cardigans with the school logo). 

  • Children should come dressed for an active day wearing purple sweatshirts/cardigans, white polo shirt, grey or black trousers or skirts with flat and sensible school shoes (preferably black)
  • Inappropriate clothing (e.g. loose fitting fashion shoes, shoes with heels or open toes) should not be worn, polo shirts should be tucked in and hair styling products are not permitted
  • Jewellery and nail polish must not be worn in school, although children with pierced ears may wear studs, but not hoops. During PE, these will need to be taken out or covered with surgical tape. Long hair should always be tied back for the school day – particularly for PE, but also to ensure your child remains safe throughout the day
  • PE in the summer requires a pair of black/dark blue shorts, plain white t-shirt for PE and a pair of trainers for outdoor games
  • In the winter, children require the same for indoor games, but can also bring plain black tracksuit bottoms and plain fleece top (without a hood) for outdoor PE sessions
  • All uniform should be labelled with your child‘s name. Children often leave their cardigans/sweaters or other tops/coats behind after PE or playing. Without your childs name in them it can be almost impossible to return them to the correct child.

Purchase school uniform online at the address below: