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Meet the Team - 2021/2022

Mr Beadnell - Headteacher

Mr Wood - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Buckby - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Mitchell - SENDco    

Miss Burrell  - Year 3 Lead  

Mrs Buckby - Year 4 & 5 Lead     

Mr Edmondson - Year 6 Lead

Year 3

Class Teacher/s Teaching Assistant/s
Longleat Miss Burrell and Ms Jenkins (Student Teacher)

Mr Robertson and Mrs Sims


Mrs Musty-Jackson and Ms Muskett (Student Teacher)

Mrs Bailey

Year 4

Class Teacher/s Teaching Assistant/s
Savernake Mrs Buckby 

Mrs Parsons, Miss Pill, Mrs Green and Mrs Fitzpatrick 

Ridgeway Mrs Jupp/Miss Wakefield

Mrs Powderhill/Mrs Goodman


Year 5

Class Teacher/s Teaching Assistant/s
Stourhead Miss Hobbs


Miss Ward, Mrs Hartley, Mrs Tarrant, Ms McCabe and Mrs Oldridge

Bowood Mrs Mitchell/Mrs Vareth
Westbury Mr Burgess


Year 6

Class Teacher/s Teaching Assistant/s
Silbury Mrs Butcher Miss Rowland
West Kennet Mrs Hatton/Mr Wood Mrs Ellis and Mrs Barratt
Old Sarum Mr Edmondson Mrs Painter

SRP (Special Resource Provision)

SRP Leader        Miss Delicata

SRP TAs              Mrs Cull    Mrs Kinnear     Mrs Hiscocks     Mrs Warren     Ms Wade     Ms Booth

Lighthouse Support           Mrs Wollen   

PPA Cover and SLT support HLTA       Mr Hicks

Sports Coach                                Mr Robertson - Miss Briggs Apprentice Sports Coach & TA

SEN Support TA                           Mrs Green 

Administrative Officer                Ms Francome

Pupil Support Administrators   Miss Weller and Mrs Ward

Site Manager                                 Mr Priday

Catering Manager                        Mrs Montier

Catering Assistant                       Mrs Gale

Cleaning Team                              Mrs Gale (Lead Cleaner)     Mr Jackson     Mrs Collins     Miss Stacey     Mrs Kinnear